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Guillien Van Nuland, LLC is a recognized leader in family law in western Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota. The attorneys at Guillien Van Nuland, LLC educate and advise their clients, helping them make clear and rational decisions during an often difficult and complex legal procedure.

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Guillien Van Nuland, LLC provides the following services:

  • Resolving custody and placement disputes and developing effective parenting plans for clients with children
  • Advising clients on asset protection, non-marital property, business and other complex financial arrangements
  • Representation of clients in spousal maintenance and child support cases
  • Participation in mediation of disputed issues, and litigation of those issues if necessary
  • Modification of existing orders
  • Representation of clients in appeals
  • Negotiating and drafting pre-marital and post-marital agreements

Guillien Van Nuland attorneys strive to achieve the best possible outcome for their clients, blending skillful negotiation with zealous representation.

We assist clients with achieving a beneficial settlement, but if negotiations fail, we are prepared to effectively litigate the legal issues to achieve a successful result for our clients.

The attorneys provide skilled representation beginning with the preparation of the summons and petition, obtaining any necessary temporary orders to protect their clients' interests, obtaining valuation of property, engaging in mediation and settlement negotiations, and zealous trial advocacy on behalf of clients if needed.

The attorneys educate clients on all legal aspects of divorce including explanation of the laws concerning legal custody and physical placement (parenting time), child support, spousal maintenance, property division including protection of non-marital interest, debt allocation, and seeking of a contribution toward attorney fees when warranted.

We know your rights within your jurisdiction, and we'll make sure your future is secure.

The attorneys at Guillien Van Nuland, LLC recognize that settlement of cases generally produces the best results and sense of satisfaction for clients. They strive to achieve a settlement of all issues to best serve and protect their client's interests. However, there may be times when the opposing side is overzealous or attempting to use the legal process to take advantage of their position. Or, there may be occasions when the issues are too sensitive or complex that resolution by the court is simply necessary.

In that case, the attorneys at Guillien Van Nuland, LLC are experienced at skillfully and effectively litigating even the most complex issues. They have obtained successful results in countless trials and appeals. Our attorneys will provide zealous representation in court when necessary.

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